Do you have a question that does not appear in this list?
Call us at 09 233 76 89 and we will be happy to assist you.

How to make reservation?

To book a guide, just call us or send us an e-mail. Be sure to give us following information: the type of tour you have chosen, the date, time, language and the number of participants. As soon as we have all the details, your reservation will be confirmed by e-mail.

How far in advance should I book my tour?
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As soon as you have decided to book one of our tours, you better take an option on a guide. You can confirm or cancel the option later on.
How big a group?
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The maximum number of participants per guide is twenty to twenty-five people, depending on the kind of tour. Is your group bigger? No problem, the group can be divided over several guides. For culinary tours with dessert, the entire group will come together again in the last restaurant.
When can the tour take place?
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Tours without eating can take place whenever you want. Our “nibbling” tours can only take place during the daytime, when the shops are open. Culinary tours can be organized during the daytime or in the evening, whenever the restaurants are open.
In which languages can we organise a tour?
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Most of our tours can be done in Dutch, French or English. Except for our thematic tours. Were you thinking of another language? Do ask us, the possibilities differ from city to city.
Where does the tour start, and where does it end?
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The meeting point depends on the tour you choose. Start and finish are often on different locations. Would you like to change one or both of them? Please let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.
How do I recognize the guide?
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The guide wears a Vizit-badge and has the mobile number of someone in the group. If necessary the guide will call this number at the time of departure. If you have problems to get there in time, call 0032 9 233 76 89 and we will inform your guide.
Are the walks possible for people in a wheelchair or people who have difficulties to walk?
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The walks are about 3 km long. Let us know beforehand, if there are participants in a wheelchair or with walking difficulties. It is important for us to know whether everyone can or cannot walk up a few stairs for example.
Can I join a group as an individual participant?
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We organise tours for individuals on a regular basis. Check our calendar. You can sign up via our website.
What if the weather is bad?
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We are sorry, there is nothing we can do about the Belgian weather... Our guides will be there for you in all sorts of weathers. But come prepared and wear apropriate clothing.
What is the price of a guided tour?
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The price is mentioned on our website below the brief explanation of the tour.
How should I pay?
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The payment is due after receiving the invoice. Guided tours without food or drinks are invoiced before the tour. Tours with food and drinks are invoiced after the tour. For bigger groups we send an invoice for an advance payment.
VAT included or excluded?
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The guided tours that are strictly walking tours, are free from VAT. For tours that include drinks or food organized for private persons, the VAT is included in the price. For business companies, VAT will be added.
What budget should I choose?
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The higher the budget, the more margin the chefs have to prepare a dish. But even if you choose the minimum budget, a nice menu is guaranteed.
Where do we eat?
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Where we will eat, is a surprise. We have quite a few restaurants that participate. The selection differs every time.
What food will be served?
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What we will eat is a surprise. It is the restaurants’ chefs who decide. They will prepare a dish according to the budget you have chosen. Special requests for vegetarians, allergic people and pregnant women are no problem, as long as you let us know beforehand
What if the number of participants changes?
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One person more or a person less? Let us know by email and by phone. For changes that are made 3 or less days before the tour a small administrative fee will be charged. In case of cancellations on the day of the tour, it is up to the restaurants to decide whether the cost for the absent participants is to be paid.